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Italian Femoral Arch Carbon Fibre 90⁰ & 120⁰


Italian Femoral Arch Carbon Fibre 90⁰ & 120⁰ is a part of the ring external fixator that is used to treat severe femoral fractures that ORIF surgery cannot. Through external fixation, the fracture can be fixed effectively while manipulating the healing process if required. To get international standard quality Italian femoral arch made of carbon fibre, contact Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

Siora is an Indian-FDA-approved orthopedic device manufacturer with experience of over 30 years. The company holds expertise in producing a huge range of trauma implants and instruments including Italian Femoral Arch Carbon Fibre 90⁰ & 120⁰. Siora also exports its CE-certified range of products to other countries and keeps making effort to strengthen its international market presence.

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