Path of Exile basically stole the popular Destiny 2 exotic gun

Use this skill multiple times to connect the arrow with the lightning, creating a land that keeps hurting the enemy.


Path of Exile and Path of Exile will be released this Friday and will include a new skill gem, the same as the popular Destiny 2 gun. Although Path of Exile and Destiny 2 are two very different games, the newest upcoming expansion of the former introduces content that most Destiny 2 players will immediately recognize. Path of Exile players mainly use skill gems to cause damage. Skill gems can be integrated into equipment and linked to auxiliary gems to increase their POE Currency or change the way they work. Path of Exile has a new bow and arrow skill, Gem Storm Rain; shoot an arrow into the sky, and finally land and cause damage on impact, then it will stick to the ground and regularly attack the enemy with lightning damage.

Use this skill multiple times to connect the arrow with the lightning, creating a land that keeps hurting the enemy. Destiny 2 players may be familiar with a special Exotic weapon called Anarchy. Due to its arc damage pulse, it is considered the king of DPS in PvE content. It can be combined with the Breach and Clear modules to cause greater damage. Storming Path of Exile is basically anarchy, but since the title of Grinding Gear Games has a darker age setting, it is understandable that this new skill gem was not launched with a large grenade launcher.

The common ground between Path of Exile and "Destiny 2" is far more than superficial. In these two games, players can use their wisdom to create specific buildings to deal with various content. Where there are skill gems, auxiliary gems and unique items in Path of Exile, Destiny 2 comes with guns. Each weapon has its own privilege pool, exotic items and various modules to choose from. Of course, both games have careers. Path of Exile has 7 core occupations, a total of 19 sublimation occupations, providing different gameplay, while "Destiny 2" currently has three main elements, each of which contains three sub-elements.

Therefore, the branching effect of each component will completely change the way each game is played. Even if "Destiny 2 Anarchy" and "Storm of Exile" have similar effects, it is impossible to predict how much impact the latter's new capabilities will have. In the next big patch of Destiny 2, the anarchy that began in the fifteenth season of the game in late August will naturally weaken. On the other hand, Path of Exile is a game where players must Buy POE Currency to balance their construction between effectively clearing areas full of small monsters and causing enough single-target damage to the boss.