The new Gameday Momentum feature

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The new Gameday Momentum feature will add an indicator of Mut 22 coins momentum for both teams (home and away) which will grant them exclusive abilities that M-Factors unlock through gameplay. This could bring some needed improvements in Madden's game-togame experience. M-Factors, which are similar to X-Factor , which gives specific players more power, will enhance the gameplay through the use of abilities like making receivers who aren't checkdown difficult to spot or possessing unending stamina, while also maintaining the momentum. The momentum-related features are as extensive as keeping the kicker in an iced state or making receiver icons disappear, or making hot routes more difficult to execute. Each game will see both home and away teams battling to gain momentum. But, the home team are able to enjoy an edge on home field by having an additional M-Factor in place that is exclusive to their stadium. This M-Factor will be the first to be unlocked by the home team and will allow them to take advantage of different advantages like field goals being significantly more difficult in the Windy City or The Twelves which make passing routes difficult to observe, a characteristic that most players will recall from NCAA Football games.

Next-Gen Stats Star-Drive AI will add real-world trends of the player, like how quickly a given QB typically throws from. In game, Big Ben's average throw time of 2.29 seconds will be adjusted to match his league-leading performance. Other traits include a tendency to pass aggressively when players tend to play the pass or making decisions under stress. When Aaron Rodgers is playing in Madden 22, his Madden 22 counterpart is not likely to buy Madden 22 coins throw picks. Ball-carriers also mimic their real-world tendencies with breaking or evading tackles in addition to being more or less susceptible to spin or be juke-like, and more.