I feel as if things are getting way too severe

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The thing in OSRS gold that has transformed the most, is that the community. In the last 3 years because PKing was eliminated, nearly all the older players who were members of big clans have grown up. The new age of players are here, there is no going back, and adding the wilderness is not likely to change anything back. The PVP community I must say has become a nightmare that is competitive. PVP is now nothing but a trade of insults about x followed by and excuse for x. It can be hard to locate good PVM teams which aren't LS masses for me personally since I do not play often enough to get a chaotic weapon, or to somehow have an extra 160M floating around to buy turmoil.

I am not openly insulting anybody, if anything I am being a woman about this substance. But I feel that in the last 3-4 years folks have gotten so much more serious about runescape, for some into an extreme. I don't hold anything against anybody because I've played longer, hell I have met some pretty chill 09ers. Nonetheless, it's odd to me for bossing in my level being able to buy multiple levels that cost over 100 million is slowly becoming a requirement. I can remember when maging DKs with firebolt was considered ordinary, now that's just ridiculous. . really. . Into runescape. I hate being the random freeplayer people would see saying stuff like"wow 99 mage that you have no life." However, I feel as if things are getting way too severe.

Hopefully people will see where I'm coming out of here. I had been thinking lately about minigames now found in the wilderness that will be relocated to a"Gamer's Grotto" north of Falador. But so far as I could tell, the overall idea is awful. Rather than ensuring minigames are relocated to proper locations given cheap RuneScape gold their backstory, they will simply be bundled into some stupid location?