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It's been two weeks since we released the Squeal of OSRS gold Fortune and we all desired to take the opportunity to respond to some of the player opinions, correct some misconceptions about the popularity of the update, motivations behind the upgrade and importantly summarize why it is also here to stay.

First of all I want to say thank you for everyone who has delivered us feedback concerning the recent Squeal of Fortune updates. We made the Squeal of Fortune in the beginning to be an enjoyable and light-hearted attribute to RuneScape, giving gamers a fresh method to get free rewards every day they log into RuneScape. Much like a lot of our updates, our members always receive extra benefits like double the free spins daily and we have evolved it since launching -- supplying all of our players numerous additional ways to earn free Squeal spins within the game.

Remember that this is for BXP (but the prices below are before applying the 2.7x bxp modifier), therefore people can afford to perform marginally costly or challenging training methods. Bear in mind that people aren't perfect, so cannot achieve maximum XP levels in high-concentration, click-intensive coaching procedures. My thoughts so far: Format is Skill - XP rate - potential training approaches | higher level xp rate - higher level training methods. Mage - 200kxp/h - String amulet with Hunter apparel / barraging rock lobs / exploding skeletons.

I stopped smoking recently and told myself identification celebrate by wasting the money I did not squander on smoking around the wheel. I purchased $100 worth that gets you 450 spins. I wanted xp for dung cause I despise mini games and dont care about tokens, so I used every lamp I could on dung. After 450 spins this is what I got. Would be if I employed on a greater skill. I used on 76 dung. Got to 79.5. You may need to determine how far xp is between 76 and 79.5 to see how much xp I got specifically to dung. Moderate lamps were providing me around 7.5k each. A medium lamp on a 99 is like 17k. So there could have been a considerable greater quantity of xp won if I might have used it onto a higher leveled skill.

I also discovered that as soon as you get virtually all pieces of the guard and the dragon, 50k stats emerging like a reward (up till there like first 400 spins I did not see anything over 5k besides the 10m super rare reward) This leads me to believe you will not see 500k as a reward until you get both sets. (once you receive an item out of a set you can't get doubles) This also leads me to believe you've got a better chance of getting things such as devine and god swords if you receive all the sets since they won't occupy space as prizes. Do I recommend this? No. It'll cost you approximately 1300-1600 for a 99. . Not worthwhile.

Only a fast poll. I know that the purchasing spins on the Yelp of Irritation annoys pretty much everyone that has been around, but do you think it will annoy players that are new? Or will they only see it within this game? It cheapens items for those people who've existed, but do you think it will make it terrible for somebody who knows that's how things work from buy RuneScape gold the beginning? Will skills sense cheapened, or will it simply be seen as part of the normal gameplay? I'm honestly wondering if for brand new players, then it matters whatsoever. Perhaps it's an advantage for them that grinding could be eliminated every now and then to get a little extra money. Does that cheapen skills once things are evened out and everyone has invested their initial cash?