My theory: Dungeoneering indirectly resulted in the drop in the grade of Runescape.

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However, this morningI received an email from authorized (in ) jagex dot com. They explained they had evidence of me trading runescape accounts or RuneScape gold items in real life. Okay yes, I've done this. (Incidentally, I have never bought anything. Not overly important, I'm just wanting to let people know I'm not dumb enough to do this ) They told me they would watch my account, and when it persisted, I would be subject to a lawsuit for.

Signed by Jagex Mod Mark. (thought that was odd) Clearly that made my heart beat. Now, here's where the story starts to have somewhat odd. There's a link supplied in the email asking me to log in so I could track what's happening with my account. Obviously I can not log in. I email that this sender back explaining that I found me out and that I would no longer utilize Jagex services(and I truly haven't had any intentions to) of any sort or email them unless necessary. Not long after I receive the following email from Jagex. Jagex (that I presume is that the REAL Jagex) is tellng me that the email I received initially was from a fake sender that has been using the Jagex speech to hide their own. It stated they were attempting to phish for my accounts, etc..

So today I just need to be sure, is that common? This scam? I thought it was bizarre that they would email me without even telling me some previous account appeal was refused. And those of you who know what Jagex is like in 2012... would they even try to sue me over simply giving my account off? Certainly that would do them more damage than good. Thanks.

My theory: Dungeoneering indirectly resulted in the drop in the grade of Runescape. The 25th skill was supposed to bring in more players and more revenue. However, Dungeoneering failed to increase the amount of players in Runescape and did not bring in the added required revenue. Then afterwards in 2010, Insight Venture Partners (bulk owner of Jagex) have to have come down on Jagex when there were not new members in Runescape.

Fly on the wall listening in through that fateful IVP/Jagex 2010 meeting - Agents of Insight Venture Partners into the agents of Jagex: We predicted this meeting concerning Jagex's cash flow. You led us to believe that this new"dungeoneering" update in April 2010 would boost your market share in the gamers' market. But since April 2010, your cash flow position has not improved as you directed us to believe. You had your opportunity.

And Runescape as a whole went significantly downhill after that, so many matters Jagex introduced were geared not at altering Runescape, but easy money catches: More Bonus XP weekends Removal of Trade Limit and return of old Wilderness [without adjusting the bot problem first... leading to enormous botting in dragons, all high-level trees, all of ores, all fish spots, slayer areas, Sorceress' Garden, etc.] (February 1, 2011) Purchase a 90-day Runescape card, and OSRS Gold For Sale get an Ornate Katana (June 20, 2011) Jagex Loyalty Programme (June 28, 2011)