It's opening a can of worms

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But that's beside the.point. Why did natures get to this point? Just the supply outweighed demand. Why is that? When there were only legit players rc'ing the market was steady but today using the hoards of OSRS gold bots there are numerous it has smothered the need THE very same REASONS that resulted in the current epidemic will create a few weeks the runes hitting the alch worth . Then what? Reduce the alch value again? Sometime when the status quo was left unchanged the marketplace would have been MORE stable only because they'd be alched thus doubling the need, one had to throw the spell and you to alch as oppesef to just one to cast the spell after which another item to alch.

Part of this logic was"it is a negative impact on yew longbows etc" well, if those DID fall, if they moved to their high alch price, they would be just as hot to alch since they would benefit to, players would have a variety of options to select from to maximize gain by a Gp or two. The precedent. Or simply take OVLDS the expense to make one has halved lately does this mean we can expect an upgrade to them since they are intended to be expensive pots?

It's opening a can of worms that I feel Jagex will repent later on in the future. Ultimately, I think it's quite unfair to people who bought natures to spring up this shift on them. I wrote this short narrative to cheap RuneScape gold play the devil's advocate: I'm sure most, if not all, are aware that Jagex altered the character rune alch cost. Earlier today, Mod Teabag sat during his dawn crumpet break to chat about why that has been implemented. This is what he had to say! "Yes, to confirm, we did change the high alch values of character runes. I just want to put the record straight regarding why this was completed. We could guarentee our game is 100 percent bot free.