Bear in mind the older runescape?

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Welcome. I thought I would make a thread, which is easy and quick, this is jsut for your normal questions, like, what level is it to RuneScape gold enter god wars ect; ect;. I thought I would create this thread, to help other people. Since alot of those questions are fruequently requested, and I will post the question, and answer under, to make it easier for all you folks around. Also, if I have not posted an answer, don't hesitate to place one yourself. . The Fruequently asked!

To get beyond the boulder on the way there, [the quick way] you want 70 power and you need to have completed a couple of quests. I forgot exactly what ones. soz. To input the dungeons you will need the following: Zamorak: you need 70 hitpoints. Saradomin: 70 agility. I'll add more when they arise.

Bear in mind the older runescape? Individuals would go behind varrok on earth 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 to market rares, armor, and trimmed materials? Then you would see the one person who says"selling muddy key. . .500k!" Well, I wondered what happened to all the muddy keys in the planet, and went to buy a single on the Excahnge. First, I discovered that they were... 3.4k. Well if they're 3.4k then all the men and women who purchased them for 500k are morons. I made out with a great deal of decent items, all of which I marketed on the G.E. I invested such as 17k about the keys, and made out with over 30k in the torso. I never understood it really was adequate in any way. I only have one question... where do you get mussy keys out of anyway? And why would you sell them for 3.4k once it is possible to get over 7k from what they give? I understand its not a fantastic means to make amoney in any way, but its kinda fun to go in the wildy to actually DO SOMETHING nowadays.

I took about 2k addy bolts using this setup, and have some leftover. This varies though in the event you do not have an accumulator or buy RS gold do not use Guthan's. Just how many restores and sara brews should I have and that which meals too? I really don't remember how many brews and superb restores I had, but I do recall keeping like two sharks for quick healing against Jad along with the healers. As far the gloves, you may use a combat brace instead.