You've got a point

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Thats EVE, how are gamers meant to EVE Mobile ISK control space and forge their own empires without at the abiity to kill those who intrude in their space.What you need is happy carebear land where no place is dangerious and if thats what you need Eve is not the match for you.I went and purchased a 4m$ rig at a 0.0 station. Auto piloted there grabbed my buy then set the auto pilot for house and away I went. The millisecond I left the channel my covert ops Herron got closed and wrecked. A nice waste of money and time. So glad they included this as an enjoyable attribute.

Even with gate campers this sport is really tame to state cellular games such as Star Trek Starfleet Command wherever your base can be wholly raided by pirates when you are offline. The idea that cellular games have to be safe should have a look at a number of the cell space games. I am playing Second Galaxy for example and I have lost ships in high sec space whilst performing encounter missions.Catering to casual gamers never causes a better game. If you want a casual match, there at literally thousands out there. Let us have 1 hard core mobile game. God damn...this shit is bothersome. Folks can't handle challenges.

You've got a point. Since there is no connection between the two there's not any reason to keep playing echos. This of those who want the full experience can go perform the"real" game. Gate ganking is even more absurd, since it is so easy for gates to overload and just leave you sitting in front of one.Here here! Yeah I'm about 1 boat lost for Buy EVE Echoes ISK no reason from stopping. It looks like there was zero thought put into it being a telephone game. There is still plenty of ganking out in null sec without being one shotted in the gates.