I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen

I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen


I have to say, however, New Horizons has Animal Crossing Bells good art direction. So many items are really gorgeous. There are some sets which are outright tacky in New Leaf but look great or at least decent in New Horizons.

I mean, in New Leaf we did not even get pumpkin products, aside from the wearable hats as well as the jack-in-the-box! I am really happy whenever we get these updates, it's really cool to find these items getting back and together with all the New Horizons therapy. I can't wait to find out what we're gonna get in March to get Mario things!

I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen. To start with they're way smaller than in New Leaf, so I can not do too much. And then there is a lack of things. In New Leaf I'd plenty of food-like items to decorate my kitchen - although to be honest they are from the Welcome Amiibo upgrade.

Yeah like I certainly have a lot fine to say about New Horizons, and the games IMO definitely move the series forward in some meaningful ways. The 3DS assets definitely would not look nice just being plopped into New Horizons since they are (even those at Pocket Camp would probably require some touching up). I am not about to say it's just like the entire Dexit scenario, but I really do think sometimes New Horizons might have benefitted from a little more polish before launch.

Finally it is not the worst thing really; the game is still fun for me and the upgrades are becoming closer and closer to having feature parity with New Leaf. There is plenty of small things here and there that I actually miss from New Leaf (like for example; Fireworks shows raffle has adorable new fireworks things, but they did not bother bringing back the adorable Showa-era Nintendo toy furniture at New Leaf) but as a whole it's definitely still a good game.

For me, my most wanted features are the return of older furniture. As good as the items in New Horizons look, I feel at times as buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells that they wanted everything to look like a model home; scrutinizing in New Leaf felt much more personal and real and a bit less like creating a set for an Ikea catalog.