Lunar Isle's enemies aren't just the Freminnik

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Yes I can. Lunar Isle's enemies aren't just the Freminnik. In the past, there was a tribe who was at peace with the Lunars until.... that day..... What day was it?The day of RuneScape Gold the Solar Ritual. The Solar Tribe once peacfully lived on and controlled half of the island, until the Lunar People had a catostrophic conflict.

They were then forced to leave the island and seek refuge on an island that was deserted. The Mages of Lunar Isle were scared they were being targeted by the Solar Tribe was planning something and they traveled with an army to destroy the Solars.

When the Solars started a ritual and the Lunar Mages began to attack. The ritual would control the Lunar People and force them to obey commands. The mages, however, stopped the ritual and killed the Solar Tribe's King. The Tribesmen ran in fear, and never came back, until.... this moment....

I've shared with you everything I know, (player name). What I can say is that the Solars have returned and took over Lunar Isle. You must infiltrate them, and find out what they are planning to do. Take the Lunar Communication Orb. Lokar will provide you with an orb that glows and you can put it in your bag. You can talk to the orb and it will begin to shine.

Ethernal Communicator: Hello (Player Name). What can I do for you? Who are you? I am an unamed, magical stone that has been put in this orb to Buy OSRS Accounts communicate and communicate with you. Magen is the name I have been given by those who have carried me. Have you got any more questions? Are you still there? I'm nowhere. Yet I am everywhere.