This is what I would do... just act like you didnt get it done

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This is what I would do... just act like you didnt get it done. Being a snitch has nothing to do with it, he will be perminatly banned likely:-LRB- so when he receives is accounts back he'll have learned his lesson and not do it . How come I posted exactly the same thing twice? :D i edited my post and it reposted... sorry guys. What kind of OSRS gold friends are you guys? If you allow game rules get in the way between you and your friend, then that is not an excellent thing to do. It doesn't matter whether he doesn't know about it. The fact is you are destroying potential enjoyment to your friend because a business that really doesn't give a damn tells you that you ought to. Then theres nothing wrong. The worst that could happen is he gets a perm ban. Sure you may feel bloated, but in the scheme of things its not a huge deal I think. But then again I might just be a horrible person... il allow you to decide... But in the event that you're going to allow me to rephrase I will, I will tell your friend how botting is contrary to the rules and warn him about being banned, if he appears to not care then identification report it. ( I know somebody else said that but I forgot that )

Yeah once I was f2p I saw folks in complete rune tanking the level 50 spiders about the 3rd level of stronghold with bronze arrows. That might work. I also know that the people with very large variety exp in f2p did ice cubes for at least a great deal of the exp. So perhaps those would do the job too. Smart thought to tank using bronze arrows. Only kill em. Bring along swordies in order to continue longers.

They're very very precise. Even in total dharoks, and super collections (with super def), 71 def and an inv of sharks, I cant continue over 2-3hrs thr without banking. So going in f2p with green d'hide? U wont last beyond 10-20 mins. How do you guess I'd get wrecked with D'Hide? I Camped for weekly in hogboblins with 1 stock of anchovy pizzas. Thrs a dif b/w spiders, and h0bs. Spiders have no safe spots. . Hobs have lowsy atk. . I managed to camp thr for long periods of time in 50 def using n0thn on me except a rune scim along with rune kite, and a power ammy.

Meanwhile, I reside barely 3hrs with 71 def (boosted to 85+ with super baskets ). And with complete dharoks, which buy RS gold is one of, if not, the ideal def bonus gear in sport plus a full invntory of monkfish. With exactly the identical gear, I cud possibly last forever at hobs without a single piece of food. However, if ur tht arrogant, go have fun lasting 10 mins each inv of food, becoming approx 5k exp per hr...