Took this screenshot in the new trailer; reveals what's shared between PSO2 and NG

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It should be noted that characters are shared between them as well - you will have the ability to PSO2 Meseta use them in both PSO2 and NG. How are characters shared, exactly? If"character development will not last over", that seems just like you may have a character with the same name in both games, but I wouldn't predict that shared. That is what they said. I'm assuming you get to keep your character's name, look, weapons, units, and mag. They haven't mentioned anything about cosmetics yet which has some people concerned.

My friends I have been creating"register that information" jokes everywhere one of us has a cosmetic we desired. So I am 98% certain that is what they mean when they say registered data, which would mean those people attempting to hoard cosmetic tickets in the hopes of selling them on NGS won't function as only registered things will transfer over.

So which means outerwear and outfits won't move? That is still a massive fuck you to NA players who spent money and no one must scratch anymore to be honest... Well we do know we can bring over weapons and components, so they could handle outfits/outerwear the exact same manner. We do see old Ash running along with his old outfit in the trailer. The footage they showed of this Placeholder Otherwise Known As Ash has him sporting his trademark default Close Quarters outfit. It's still no hard affirmation, but that'd mean he took it with him to NGS. FWIW that ensemble is also available as basewear in JP so it is even more unclear... but yeah I would bet a solid 10k meseta on outfits and outerwear also transferring.This way the game still has the primary core aspects players expect but is fresh and new at precisely the exact same time. I think that it's still likely to be instanced rather than open world. Gameplay shown up to now has shown 8 player instance maxes. This wouldn't violate current AI systems, considering the existing AI just follow your route or teleport to you when they have stuck. The world is open and huge, but everything outside of cities was instanced. The world is huge and open, but everything out of cities was instanced. They watered down the climbing into a formula and changed a lot of classes but now that it's gone I always want to play with it.

I would love Dragon's Dogma Online-styled experiences in Phantasy Star if because it gives us a reason to explore the world (or at least rapid journey to it to hop in and outside ) and to also have a challenge with all the bosses and enemies.

I'd imagine with how New Genesis would possibly be balanced that hopefully every course is workable like how Dragon's Dogma Online cleaned up the vocations so that they were all complete packages that gamers can enlarge on and flesh out without having to take part in things like exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 currently has (specifically Mags determining which classes you will excel at along with your ability tree also determining exactly what you gain and lose). I'd personally drop the whole skill tree, and the main class/subclass method to have something like Dragon's Dogma Online failed with all the custom skills, core skills, and the augments with the ability to mix-and-match augments, that everyone unlocks core skills and has them collectively, and that players define their own playstyle with their spiritual skills. A large part of that preference for me is so that you can definitely spend your time and resources into updating and unlocking new abilities and skills and then after you're done you can return and mix-and-match things to your liking without even realizing you would need to fall in cash just like you currently do if you wanted to build something like the best main course tree and cheap meseta pso2 a version for an optimal subclass tree, or even invest in a different Mag because you're missing about 6-7percent of your overall harm (and therefore are overlooking 200 points to equip your weapons/units).