Heres for all you combats

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You start by getting something sort of OSRS gold like a rune (dont have a name for it so ill call it the equilibrium rune). You receive an whole book, like the mage book. THIS is where it turns out to either side. It will also take the aspect of prayer. What it really does is (like prayer) has the exact same thing where it all runs out and that stuff(ill explain the way you recharge it later).

This is the abilities side for this. Lets say that you are just starting it from square 1. The only thing you'll be able to use is that the spell called: (something like seagull I figure ) You change into a seagull! You finally have the capacity (for approximately 5 seconds) to fly throughout regions you generally couldnt reach. EXCLUDES areas which do not have any way off if you run from change. Lets say you've got the spell, giant. You click on it and it goes to a subcategory for two abilities. Combat, or ability. Today ti goes into 2 more subcategories. Allows use woodcutting!

You Find a walnut. As a giant, you catch he oak from the bottom. You rip it from the floor! Now the giant starts ripping it up. If you have just begun the skill, you may break a few of the logs you have torn off. I'll attempt to create this better after a while of idea (or for some reason this gets closed)

Heres for all you combats. Lets say you have made it from seagull to a goblin! It will reveal your name outside of these minigames, etc.) It states your username for them to kill, but if they hover on you it shows that there's only a goblin! The greater for the transformation lvl, the higher of a monster you'll be able to utilize. The very top one, (DONT FLAME FOR THIS! ) ) Would be dragon! You've got two choices of buy RS gold assault. A melee attack, I guess slash, and a magic attack, dragonbreath!all for battle here guys! Ill add more to guess