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It is recommened you keep run on throughout the race. . .or youll lose. After the whistle is blown, start running to your first obstacle, YES barrier. This is where agility and strength come in. There are various obstacles, and weather your endurance and RuneScape gold strength are lvl 1-99, you always have the option to try these obstacles. However if your LVL 1 on every ability theres virtually no chance you'll even make it on the finish. Bear in mind, the higher the skill the simpler you'll do. Should you fail an obstruction you get slowed downagain. Also some obstacles may hurt you if failed. Should you lose all of your health, you faint and wake up in the medical building.

Lets see that the barriers shall we? Obstacles are arranged by number, whenever an obstruction if number 1, then its the first obstacle you encounter. I'll also tell you what skill it takes and what happens in the event that you neglect: Hurdle jump- you jump more than 3 hurdles-requires agility-if you neglect , and then on the 3rd barrier you will fall, slowing you down. Rope Swing- you swing on a rope over a pool of sand - requires agility-if you neglect you do a belly-flop to the mud, then you continue.

Wall climb- You catch a rope hanging from a high wall and climb over the wall- strength and agility - if you fail you lose your grip and fall back to buy OSRS gold the floor in which you might possibly take two damage-you will also need to restart the wall. Metal Ball-You must pick up a heavy metal ball and haul it over to a switch and set it at the switch that will open a door so you might continue- demands durability - if you fail you will fall the metal ball, where it will land in your personalities foot, which makes him leap about holding his foot , after that pick up the ball and continue.