It's unclear if players can choose different races for the various classes

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In a world of fantasy, Lost Ark features two playing races at the moment of the writing process: Humans and Elves. While there are different races and Lost Ark Gold the creator could add more later on However, these are the only two which are playable currently.

Also, you won't be able to exactly select the race you want to choose when creating your character: it will be determined following the character's classes, which are similar with their gender. For this reason, the character's race will already be set when you choose the class.

It's unclear if players can choose different races for the various classes in the future as the game's developer hasn't announced anything regarding this issue.

One of the most important features in most MMORPGs is the capability to interact with your group members in-game. Guilds are an excellent way to keep everyone in one location and to organize events.

Making a guild within Lost Ark is fairly simple and can be completed within minutes of players leaving the prologue with the required amount of gold. The game throws many challenges at players when they leave the prologue, therefore, learning about guilds could certainly get lost in the multitude of details.

To open the tab for guild to open the guild tab, press Alt+U or select "Community" at the bottom right corner of the map, and select "Guild" from the pop-up menu. This will open the screen for guilds. At first glance, it will display all the guilds that are recruiting members. They can have as many as 30 members in each one at the time of Buy Lost Ark Power leveling starting.